Below is a sample payment schedule for a $400 installment loan. Please note that your APR may vary based upon your total loan duration and amount funded. Remember that the sooner you pay back your loan, the less your total loan cost will be.

Example Loan Summary Details


The cost of Your credit as a yearly rate.


The dollar amount the credit will cost You.

Amount Financed

The amount of credit provided to You or on Your behalf.

Total of payments

The amount You will have paid after You have made all payments as scheduled..


Your Payment Schedule (Weekly) will be:

Payment No.Payment AmountPayment Date
1$ 55.3906/11/2021
2$ 55.3906/18/2021
3$ 55.3906/25/2021
4$ 55.3907/02/2021
5$ 55.397/9/2021
6$ 55.397/16/2021
7$ 55.397/23/2021
8$ 55.397/30/2021
9$ 55.398/6/2021
10$ 55.398/13/2021
11$ 55.398/20/2021
12$ 55.398/27/2021
13$ 55.399/3/2021
14$ 55.399/10/2021
15$ 55.399/17/2021
16$ 55.399/24/2021
17$ 55.3910/1/2021
18$ 55.3910/8/2021
18$ 55.3910/15/2021
20$ 55.3910/22/2021
21$ 55.3910/29/2021
22$ 55.3911/5/2021
23$ 55.3911/12/2021
24$ 55.3911/19/2021
25$ 55.3911/26/2021
26$ 55.3912/3/2021
27$ 55.3912/10/2021

Sample loan only – individual rates, dates, and payment amounts may vary

  • Note: Assumes a 7 month, fully-amortizing installment loan with equal bi-weekly payments consisting of principal pay down and interest. Payments for weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment plans will differ. Must meet ability to pay, minimum income, and other eligibility requirements.
  • When you pay at least 1 month of interest while paying off your loan with Safe Loan, you may become a VIP customer and qualify for special perks, such as free wires and reduced APRs.
  • The APR shown above represents an annualized effective percentage rate assuming you pay only the amount shown on each payment date. If you repay your loan early, the APR, and associated cost of the loan, will be lower. WE RECOMMEND REPAYING YOUR LOAN AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE to minimize the cost.


Your full payment schedule will be included in your loan agreement. It will display each payment amount, each payment due date and the number of payments. You can reduce the total cost of your loan by paying off your loan prior to your last due date on your payment schedule or by making additional payments on or between your payment due dates. You control how soon you wish to pay your loan off. There will not be any prepayment penalties.


Fees for payments made five (5) or more days late and for non-sufficient funds/returned items may apply as described in your loan agreement.


We do not charge origination, maintenance or other fees.


At Safe Loan, we will not charge a penalty if you pay off your loan early.